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Fake News RPF: Sweet Respite for a Weary Mind / One of Those Things / Anytime At All
morethansky wrote in amphhh
Sweet Respite for a Weary Mind by ntjnke [Jon/Stephen]
Back to my favorite theme ever: Coping Methods

"Do you ever wonder what we'll do when we get old?"

Sleepily, Stephen turned on his side and watched Jon fold his hands behind his head, looking up from his pillow to the ceiling of their bedroom.

"What, baby?"

One of Those Things by shoebox_addict [Jon/Stephen]

My heart sank as I realized what he was saying. "You mean, you wouldn't even try? I mean, you wouldn't even want to..."

"It's not a question of wanting to try, Jon," he said. "I love my wife very much. And I know you said you love Tracey too. But I don't feel like I need anything else. I...I'm not gay."

Immediately, I wished I hadn't said anything. I took a chance and now I was just getting shot down. I should have kept my stupid mouth shut. I stared at him, not knowing where to begin. My thoughts were all jammed with fervent wishes that the tide come and take me with it.

"That's...fine," I said eventually, even though it was obviously anything but. My eyes were welling up--I wanted to hit myself.

Anytime At All by shoebox_addict [Jon/Stephen]
A rather belated Valentine's Day fic that follows Jon and Stephen through a year's time as Jon quests to show Stephen their love is not bound by commercialized holidays.

"Oh, Stephen." I turned my head and kissed his temple softly. "Well, I think I have something that'll cheer you up."

"Oh?" he said, lifting his head from my shoulder. He furrowed his brow and sniffed the air thoughtfully. "Um...are you cooking something?"

"Yeah," I said. "I made you a chicken stir-fry with some rice."

Stephen stared at me in amazed gratitude. "Um...what?"

"I cooked you some dinner," I said, smiling at him.

I swear his eyes teared up when I said this. "I don't even care that it's almost midnight," he said.

DC: Keeping Busy / Foreign Languages / Handle with Care
morethansky wrote in amphhh
Keeping Busy by kleine_aster [Bruce/Clark]
I asked for fic prompts, and a kind anon gave me this – "I think Superbat cute-old-retired-couple fluff would be sweet. Could be a date, day in the life, pillow talk, something like that. They still keep in touch with their teams/families, but it's just them having some time alone together."

"You're good to me," he whispers, eyelids fluttering on half-mast. His entire body is softening, except for that sweet, familiar feeling of tightness in his loins.

Bruce accepts the compliment as he always does, by saying nothing. But then, he interrupts the massage to scratch his ears.

"You're good for me," he grumbles.

Foreign Languages by FabulaRasa [Dinah/Oliver, Clark/Bruce, Dick/Jason]
What exactly happens to your life, when you become Batman's therapist?

Sometimes it made her bones shake, how much she loved him. He caught her shudder and misinterpreted it as an aftershock, so he brought his hand to her cunt and pressed hard, as hard as he could, the way she liked during aftershocks. No one had ever made her come like Oliver, no one made her chest writhe and collapse like Oliver. Was it like this for everyone? That was one of the things she had never been able to figure out, in all her years of practicing psychology. She had always wanted to know. At first she had thought it was, that love was kind of the same for everyone, to one degree or another, but she was old enough now to know what kind of hand the universe had dealt her when Oliver Queen had walked into the room and given her a quick assessing glance, and just how damn lucky she was.

Handle with Care by takadainmate [Gen]
Dick is sick. Alfred isn't around. Bruce and Damian do their best.

“Bruce.” Grayson watched Father nervously from where he sat at the kitchen table, hunched over and wrapped in an old afghan. Damian sat beside him, grateful to be finally wearing dry boots. “Are you sure you know what you’re doing?”

“Making tea,” Father said. He had a tea bag in one hand and an empty kettle in the other and was eyeing both like they might fight back should he look away. “It can’t be that hard.”

In truth, Damian had to agree with Grayson’s reticence; Batman might be a great detective but a great kitchen user he was not. Damian wasn’t certain he’d ever seen his father even so much as in the kitchen before.

Grayson sighed and laid his head on his folded arms wearily. “You’ll save us, won’t you Damian?” he asked. “If Bruce starts a fire.”

“I will,” Damian nodded. The way Grayson grinned at him, conspiratorial and satisfied, was well worth the glare his father shot them both.

Marvel: Tomorrow Belongs to Me / A Partial Dictionary of the 21st Century / Indecent Proposal
morethansky wrote in amphhh
Tomorrow Belongs to Me by valtyr [Steve/Tony]
Steve wakes up in the 21st Century. He doesn't think much of it, and it's dubious about him. He meets a Norse God, joins a superhero team, and feels terribly awkward about the whole monument at Arlington he's rendered obsolete by not being dead. Meanwhile, Tony is trying to make his mark on history by being the man who finally drove Nick Fury over the edge.

A Partial Dictionary of the 21st Century by copperbadge [Steve/Tony]
Steve is adapting well to the new millennium, and he has the dictionary to prove it.

Steve loves his phone and treats it with the same respect he treats all his belongings: rubs it down with a polishing cloth every night, just like he does his shield, and takes the impact-proof case off for inspection once a week to make sure everything's in order. It always goes in the same pocket of his clothing, and once a month he plugs it into his computer and syncs it. He doesn't really understand what Syncing does, but he has a vague idea it has something to do with telephone hygiene.

Sometimes when he's out running, he'll call Tony on his bluetooth and Tony will put the call on speaker in the shop, and they'll talk to each other across miles and miles, without even having to hold a telephone in their hands.

Indecent Proposal by gyzym, Siria
On the plus side, marriage is bound to be easier than proposing.

Steve gapes at him. He looks, Tony thinks vaguely, not unlike a guppy—a slapped one at that. "You want to," Steve says slowly, after a long moment, enunciating each word carefully, "spend the rest of your life—"

"Well," Tony says, throwing his arms up in the air, "obviously, you don't keep trying to propose to someone because you're not stupid in love with them, Steve. But it never seems to work! There was a dog at the picnic! The tent smelled like wet dog, there is no romcom ever that's had someone propose successfully in a tent that smells of wet dog! And all I want to do is be with you, because I just, you're one of the best men I've ever met and for some unknown reason you've decided you want to wake up beside me every morning, and I think about you all the time, even when I'm with you. For you, I got to Brooklyn on a regular basis. For you I have voluntarily remembered a birthday, and I can get Pepper to sign an affidavit as to why that's a big deal. How am I supposed to adequately convey all of that if none of the fucking proposals work?!"

Merlin: The One Where Merlin and Arthur Attempt to Have ... / Needlework / Truth is a Whisper
morethansky wrote in amphhh
The One Where Merlin and Arthur Attempt to Have a Tasteful Wedding by fuzzytomato
Merlin and Arthur decide to get married. That was the easy part. Planning their wedding on the other hand... A fic about the trials and tribulations of wedding planning. Based on the KMM prompt of organizing their own wedding. It's harder than they thought (good advice from friends, things that go wrong, nervousness/frustrations, etc.). In other words, approx 21k of cracky wedding shenanigans.

“Right,” Arthur said sternly. “Fix it. Whatever it is, fix it.”

“Now, Arthur, be reasonable, it was just the cake,” Hunith said. “As a group we decided that the almond icing…”

“I’m allergic to almonds,” Arthur said automatically.

“Yes! We know! And this way Merlin won’t shove the cake in your face,” Gwen added.

“If Merlin wants to shove cake in my face then you very well let him!” Arthur snapped.

Needlework by zarathuse

Arthur might not have been a particularly nice person, but he was, essentially, good. If Merlin ever went so far astray that there was no other way to bring him back, Arthur would do the right thing.

His father looked at him, then, and for the first time he appeared as terrifying in the light as he did in darkness. His eyes burned and his skin gleamed pale like the moon.

“And you trust him that much?”

“Absolutely,” Merlin said, and what he really meant was, ‘I trust him to stop me.’

Truth is a Whisper by seperis [Merlin/Arthur]
Words can also be mightier than the sword.

Shifting to lean against Arthur's knee, Merlin struggles to catch his breath, still half-hard and aching a little. Looking at Arthur's face, shocked and wondering and destroyed all at once, it hits Merlin all anew; he's never done this before. No one's ever done this for him before. There's never been anyone else that's ever touched him like this.

He's hard again so fast he can barely see. Pulling back, he shoves Arthur's knees, down, crawling into his lap, kissing him frantically and thinking of all the things he wants to do to Arthur, with Arthur. Very distantly, a bucket drops and there's a voice making a terrified apology, but Arthur is sucking on his tongue and Merlin thinks he'll kill anyone who tries to come near them.

Sherlock: The Fabric Life / A Beginner's Guide to Apiology. / The Infiltrate Series
morethansky wrote in amphhh
The Fabric of Life by orphan_account [Sherlock/John]

“You shouldn't go away,” Sherlock's quiet response came, and it was like an anchor dropping into John's stomach, and oh, how he wanted to take Sherlock's face in his hands and look at him and say I never will again, never, I will never, ever leave this flat without you, if you stay here forever then so will I but reality caught up with him, a rush of salty realness over the sweetness of fantasy. He was done with making promises about forever he couldn't ever be sure he would keep – and Sherlock was not the audience for that, anyway, as non-romantic, as sober as he was. It would only feel like a lie.

“Sometimes I will,” he therefore said. “I'm sorry I didn't tell you where I was going. I should have. But you know I sometimes need a little time to get a grip on things.” Sherlock let out a small huff of agreement against his shirt; yes, you can be worryingly slow sometimes. “Getting out of here is something that works for me sometimes. It doesn't mean I'm... not coming back. I'm never leaving, okay? I've always come back, haven't I?”

Sherlock offered no real response but the tightening of his fingers in John's shirt. Maybe he was thinking about how long it had taken him to come back.

“But when I do go away for a bit and you're not sure what it means, you can – just ask me,” John continued. He waited for a bit, not sure how Sherlock would respond to the suggestion of him asking John anything at all that wasn't just a disguised attempt at showing off.

“Yes,” Sherlock mumbled, “yes.”

A Beginner's Guide to Apiology. by VictoryCandescence [Sherlock/John]
John and Sherlock meet for the first time as old men in Sussex.

Sherlock held him near with a strength that seemed incongruous for his thin frame. His hands trembled ever so slightly, one in the middle of John’s back, the other laid against his scar, fingers brushing over the old gnarled crater through the thin cotton of his borrowed shirt as if Sherlock was reading the shape of it like Braille.

“How have I spent my whole life without knowing this?” Sherlock whispered into the wispy grey strands of John’s hair. His tone was at once marvelous and sad.

John had no words for him, though even if he did, he didn’t trust his voice to work. So he just held Sherlock tighter and hoped it was answer enough.

The Infiltrate Series by SkipandDi & MirrorSkippy [Sherlock/John]
This is a moment Sherlock will look back to time and again as the future stalks forward; an instance he will use to justify his actions, the decisions he will make. He'd known Moriarty was working solely for his attention, even John had recognized as much during the first assault. But Sherlock has been a fool, a dangerous, incompetent fool, because this is so far beyond all that. It always has been.

Sherlock yells like something in him has snapped. “I was going to detonate the bomb, you complete and utter imbecile.”

It’s as if the entire room freezes, the very building holding its collective breath. John blinks, tries to process what it is Sherlock just said -- surely he didn’t -- “I’m sorry?”

Sherlock, however, is beyond answering, quietly seething in that way of his. John’s sure if he knew the tips of his ears got red he wouldn’t do it anymore, and so neglects to tell him.

He reaches out, touches Sherlock’s arm, doesn’t get offended when he tenses. “Sherlock, you were going to kill yourself for me?”

“That suggests you would have somehow survived the explosion. No, I was going to kill all of us at once, because...” He looks utterly lost, and strangely betrayed. “The alternative was unacceptable.” His expression makes it clear he doesn’t find this to be a satisfactory explanation.

Star Trek AOS: Almost Domestic / Liberties / Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours)
morethansky wrote in amphhh
Almost Domestic by barrowjane [Kirk/Spock]
“I think we need to set up some guidelines for shore leave,” Jim says, speaking mostly to the off-white ceiling. “You know, ground rules. A design schematic for having fun.”

Spock rests his chin lightly on Jim’s shoulder, watching as Jim places vegetables into a colander.

“They’re brilliant, I’m telling you. They’ve even got warp drives in the movie. I think they call them something else, though. Wash these, would you?” He points to the pile of bell peppers. Spock nods, moving forward instead of away, until he can reach around Jim to get at the sink and Jim can feel the long line of him pressed up against him.

“Inefficient,” Jim murmurs, but turns his head enough to kiss the line of Spock’s jaw, the soft spot just below his ear.

“I have found, over the course of our relationship, that there are surprising rewards to inefficiency,” he says with perfect sincerity.

Liberties by centrifuge [Kirk/Spock]
In which Kirk precipitates an unintended cultural exchange, Spock develops a drinking problem, and the crew stages an intervention, but not the kind Kirk was expecting.

Kirk left the room and cursed himself. Lame, lame, lame! And creepy! He couldn’t have looked more desperate if he’d tried. He cringed as he slinked into his own quarters like a soundly-chastised dog with a leg-humping problem, feeling every bit as perverse and guilty and completely unable to stop himself.

I didn’t realize you two were so close, Bones had said. Well yeah, he’d responded, excited and anxious at once, we blah blah blah all the blah time and he even blah blah blah with me, only now everything is blah and he won’t blah blah blah—

Jesus, you codependent little freak, Bones had replied after a saintly period of patient listening. Please don’t tell me you break into his quarters and spy on him while he’s meditating.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours) by kianspo
In which Spock contemplates the laws of attraction and realizes what a slippery slope that is only after he has already fallen. There's no help for him now.

Later, when Jim is transferred into intensive care and is breathing on his own again, Spock realizes that his priorities will never be with Starfleet or the mission from now on. There are things he cannot allow to happen again and never will.

In the morning, Jim opens his eyes, his face still a swollen, broken mess of features that McCoy will spend weeks to come to restore. He opens his eyes as wide as he can, which isn’t much at all – two slits of bright blue on the dark purple with smidges of yellow that makes up his face. He focuses with difficulty, and when his gaze rests on Spock, his bruised lips twitch, striving to curl into a smile.

Spock stands there, thinking that this is the most beautiful thing he has ever seen.

Transformers Animated: Belonging / Wolf by the Ears
morethansky wrote in amphhh
Belonging by lyricality [TFA, Megatron/Optimus Prime]
Spoilers for A Bridge Too Close, follows an alternate ending into a new continuity.

He knew his form was good enough, but he didn't expect the strange ripple of highly physical appreciation that started in his spark and spread outward through his systems. The emotion was so intimate that Optimus took a graceless moment to realize that it originated with Megatron. Optimus trembled with brief but lingering wonder at the slow ignition of desire, the unspeakable interest in all the nuances of his frame as he moved in all the ways he had ever been taught.

Wolf by the Ears by thornwitch1 [TFA, Megatron/Optimus Prime]
Prompt: At the end of the series, Optimus pretty handily kicked Megatron's ass. Megatron is a very old Decepticon, so let's say he had slave programming. Optimus Prime-maybe-Magnus is now Megatron's owner.

Optimus could feel the other mech’s distress, his anger and sadness and rage, and reflexively reached out in an attempt to soothe and comfort. It was as much a part of his nature as his urge to protect and build, and he saw no reason to resist. He could feel the bond settle into place, and knew on a deep, nearly instinctive level that the Decepticon belonged to him now.

He nearly wept.

Fake News RPF: Inside Jon's Office / Back from a Break / That Last Summer High
morethansky wrote in amphhh
Quick Fics #3: Inside Jon's Office by shoebox_addict [Jon/Stephen]
Here are three drabbles that include Springsteen & foreshadowing, a WristStrong bracelet, and that interview with Colin Firth.

"Shut up," he said, chuckling. "Just, please, shut up and let me show you how beautiful I think your body is."

Stephen's compliments always caught me off guard. I still didn't know why I wouldn't believe those things from anyone but him. When he said something like that to me, it felt like my heart was bursting. I was truly happy even if I couldn't believe those things myself.

Back from a Break by shoebox_addict [Jon/Stephen]
This is a quick little ficlet I wrote this past week because I was excited that the shows were back! Turns out that the boys get really excited when they come back from a break as well. ;)

Jon was caught between wanting to rush toward Stephen at breakneck speed and wanting to take his time in getting to him. He settled for walking quickly across the room to where Stephen stood near his couch. He was about to lean in and plant one on Stephen - at last - when Stephen stopped him with a hand on his chest.

"Hmm?" said Jon, glancing up at Stephen.

"Just...let me...it's been a long time," said Stephen, smiling sweetly at him. Stephen took Jon's face in his hands and brushed his cheeks softly with his thumbs. Jon felt a wonderful lightness in his heart as Stephen gazed into his eyes. "I love you."

That Last Summer High by jennova [Jon/Stephen]
AU. The summer before college and Stephen Colbert is about to change Jon’s life.

“So – how’s lover boy?” Janeane asks. Jon should’ve known better than to tempt fate. Janeane’s eyes sparkle and Jon sighs.

“He’s not my – he’s fine, okay?” Jon gives up. “I haven’t actually seen him today.”

“And he’s been a cranky little fucker because of it,” Denis says, grinning. “You should see him on the days where the guy comes in late.”

DC: The Right Deductions / Off-balance / 10:52
morethansky wrote in amphhh
The Right Deductions by thehoyden [Bruce/Dick]
"Do you even know what you're saying, or are you just repeating what your accountants tell you?"

"...How much did you spend on books last semester?"

Dick stared at the wall blankly. "Uh."

"Never mind, I'll look through my bank statements from last September," Bruce said.

"You were going to do that anyway, weren't you?" Dick asked, and the moment of silence on the other end was confirmation enough. Trust Bruce to work up some totally lame excuse just to call. "So, anything new and exciting at Wayne Enterprises?"

Bruce's tone lightened as he said, "Oh, I saw this proposal today -- the technology isn't all in place, but wait until you see it--"

And before Dick knew it, a half hour had passed, and Bruce said regretfully, "I think I have to go do work now. My secretary keeps poking her head in the door."

Off-balance by klose [Bruce/Dick]
Brucie Wayne, playboy billionaire, is good with words. Batman doesn’t have need of them. And Bruce — can’t make sense of them most of the time, and certainly never when Dick is involved.

It’s not like he hasn’t been violent towards his younger partner before, even if Bruce would prefer to forget those occasions entirely. Those fits of insanity that he always regrets afterward, that he never knows quite how to apologise for, because that would mean acknowledging the darker parts of him that very, very few people have ever been privy to.

(Dick, Clark, Alfred. Perhaps it is not coincidental that they, out of everyone else, have had to put up with Bruce at his very worst. Certainly, they are the only ones who have stuck with him despite that.)

The fear frightens him more than most things — more than the prospect of not being able to help people as Batman any more, more than the thought of Gotham plummeting irreversibly into darkness, and as much as the potential loss of any of his family.

There’s nothing —


10:52 by kleine_aster [Bruce/Dick]
Bruce Wayne pays Agent Grayson a visit. Fake beards are worn. Things are left unsaid.

And then, after they’ve both emerged and Dick is shuffling around in a towel to pick his hair and beard off the floor, Bruce says it, he says, “I’m sorry.”

Dick freezes in the middle of fishing for his sunglasses. He feels annoyance punch him in the gut immediately. Before he can help it, the anger is there, the anger and the disappointment and the loss, the weird, misshapen something of whatever this is they’re doing.

Bruce sounds sincere. There’s a crack in his voice, and somehow, that makes it worse. Dick is minutes away from his brunch date with his very perceptive spy partner, and he’s got to have that wide afterglow smile ready for her, and now Bruce has to do this.

"Why," he mumbles, before he can contain it, "Why d’you … why you gotta say that now."

Marvel: Be No Stranger / Ready, Fire, Aim 'Verse / he's a hero (i wrote my thesis on him)
morethansky wrote in amphhh
Be No Stranger (All Your Saints and Soldiers Remix) by jibrailis [Steve/Tony]
That's the twenty-first century love song, baby. Glitz and glamour and every one of us is a liar.

"Cars matter," Tony said. "They go fast, attract women, and they have leather seats. That's the very definition of crucial and important right there." He grinned, but Steve was looking at him with his brows furrowed into a dip of a V, looking at Tony like Tony was a math problem they'd thrown at him and Steve wasn't quite sure where to put his Ys and Xs. Tony bet no one ever called Steve a prodigy, and that made him inexplicably sad, because Steve was a wonder. Steve was a supernova in a landscape of darkness, and sometimes Tony wanted him so much it was a fork to his ribs.

Ready, Fire, Aim 'Verse by gyzym
There's no "I" in "Avenger."

“You are,” Steve says, “a complete pain in my ass some of the time. You never do what I tell you to do and you never admit when you’re wrong, and sometimes I think you’re going to die from not sleeping enough, and sometimes I think you’re going to literally run yourself into the ground. You say hideously inappropriate things to very important people and some days I want to shake you--”

“Okay,” Tony snaps, and tries to wrench himself out of Steve’s grip again. “I get it, thanks, I don’t need the fucking list, believe me--”

“And you’re also,” Steve says, tightening his fingers on Tony’s shoulders, “the kindest, funniest, most thoughtful person I’ve met since I woke up, once you get past the whole...outer shell of being a defensive ass thing. You make it easy for me to be myself; you listen to me and fight with me and understand that I have a sense of humor and you never make me feel like I’m stupid because I don’t know what Jersey Store or whatever it’s called is. I was wrong the first time I met you, okay? Can you hear that? I didn’t know you, and I’d been in a basement for two months being poked by scientists and everyone I knew was dead, my judgement wasn’t exactly something I want to be held to for the rest of my life!”

“Um,” says Tony, blinking, “what?”

he’s a hero (i wrote my thesis on him) by atreefullofmonkeys [Bucky Barnes/Jim Morita]

“Fast it is then,” Bucky murmurs, leaning in again, letting Jim hold onto his wrists for the moment, but there’s a discouraged cast to his eyes that Jim recognizes all too well.

“Maybe not,” Jim says, carefully, pulling back so he can hold Bucky’s stare without going cross-eyed. “There are children around.”

Merlin: Doubled Over With the Hunger of Lions / slán sábháilte / An Unnecessary Freezing of Water
morethansky wrote in amphhh
Doubled Over With the Hunger of Lions by nightanddaze [Merlin/Arthur]
There's something in the air, pulling them together and pushing the kingdom apart.

Days pass with an odd normality, only broken by the surging of the curse’s tide. Merlin is still a manservant and Arthur is still the Crown Prince and these roles are vital to keeping the world the way it should be.

They still bicker, Merlin still does the million chores required of him, and Arthur keeps up the attitude and stream of death threats. But it is a little different, as if everything has turned just a bit to the left. Arthur doesn’t seem quite as impatient as he used to, and Merlin knows he’s done good enough work to deserve the three and a half compliments he’s received.

That must be part of the curse, affection. Anything to let you get what you so badly need. Merlin lies in his bed, taste of rich pheasant from Arthur’s plate on his tongue, shared laughter in his mind.

He thinks this addiction is almost worth it, for such exquisite friendship.

slán sábháilte by dotfic [Merlin/Arthur]
Arthur and Merlin keep saving each other. Eventually they may even admit it.

He found a long, shallow wound, still faintly bleeding under the cloth, along Arthur's back, and a mottling of bruises on his shoulder. Beneath his touch Arthur's skin felt feverish, too warm as Merlin worked, cleaning the wound and putting a wet, cold cloth over the bruises. He wished Arthur would grumble about clumsy servants or insist on doing it himself the way he sometimes did, snatching the cloth irritably from Merlin's hand, instead of wearing this air of defeated exhaustion.

Merlin let his fingers linger too long at Arthur's shoulder, allowed himself to smooth back the yellow hair that had fallen into his eyes. Arthur leaned forward to rest his forehead against Merlin's chest. Merlin felt the tension go out of him as he leaned his whole weight against Merlin.

He wrapped his arms around Arthur and held on.

An Unnecessary Freezing of Water by shinetheway [Merlin/Arthur]
The next time he opened his eyes he was as cold as he’d ever been in his life.

“You really are something,” Arthur said, and the tension was broken, as Arthur shook his head sadly. “I think Gaius is right, you do have some sort of mental affliction.”

“Slander,” Merlin said airily, limp with relief, and waved a hand, “pure slander. I’m brilliant.”

“You’re a moron,” Arthur said, and for just a second, his voice sounded ever so faintly shaky. Merlin found himself being held, tight, with Arthur whispering, “Don’t ever lie to me again.”

“Never,” Merlin said fervently, and tentatively let his arms circle Arthur. Dead on the ground; the image swam before his eyes, and he clutched at Arthur tightly. Never. Never again.

“The light,” Arthur said, in his ear, and Merlin felt him shiver. “It was the last thing I saw, before. I knew it was you, coming to save me.” He made a quietly amused sound. “You always save me.”

Sherlock: Two Coffees One Black One with Sugar / the sensation of falling ... / Let You Kiss Me
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Two Coffees One Black One with Sugar Please by Linpatootie [Sherlock/John]
A somewhat pointless experiment on Sherlock's behalf leads to John having to re-evaluate pretty much his entire life.

John is the most fascinating man I have ever had the pleasure to know. Extraordinary, even. I can never manage to make sense of him, which is fantastic. He continuously surprises me. Just when I think I have him figured out he makes a turn I cannot predict. Just when I think my world rotates gently to the right, he gives it a kick and sends it spinning to the left.

Just when I think I have a grasp on him and on us, he shrugs at me and tells me he’s in love with me. I've never felt about anybody at all the way I feel about John Watson, which is equal parts terrifying and exhilarating.

John writes this blog about me, about life with me, and you people comment and tell him how he’s lucky, how his life is exciting and interesting because of me, but you are all wrong. It’s my life that’s exciting and interesting because of him, and I, indeed, am the lucky one.

So here, dear reader, for you, is our truth: I have never loved anyone, or anything, in my life as I love John Hamish Watson, my blogger. I cannot tell you the depth of happiness it brings me he has chosen to love me back.

the sensation of falling as you just hit sleep & in deed accomplish our designs by greywash [Sherlock/John]
Love is a much more vicious motivator.
When I don't touch you it's a mistake in any life, in each place and forever.

Let You Kiss Me (So Sweet and So Soft) by out_there[Sherlock/John]
The first time Sherlock kisses him, John keeps his eyes open, and so does Sherlock, and mostly, he wonders what Sherlock could possibly be up to. There'll be some logic to this. Some ridiculous experiment about body warmth or respiratory rates or testing a new way of picking pockets. Sherlock does the unimaginable for bizarre reasons, but behind it, there's always logic and curiosity. Sometimes, it just takes him a while to explain it to John.

Star Trek AOS: The Genetic Soap Opera / Bang a Gong / Of Twin Stars and Other Eccentric Satellites
morethansky wrote in amphhh
The Genetic Soap Opera (or, One of the Less Dignified Royal Weddings) by waketosleep [Kirk/Spock]
Turns out Jim Kirk's more than meets the eye, genetically speaking. There are a lot of consequences, mostly for Spock and his sanity.

Spock stared at him for a long time while Jim tried not to panic, tried to tread water above the crazy red-hot oblivion he'd been drowning in ten minutes ago, sedatives be damned. Then Spock's shoulders relaxed and his expression shifted subtly, and most importantly his thumb traced over Jim's knuckle in a caress that sent Jim cold and then hot all over.

"You will infuriate me every day until you die, anyway," said Spock.

"You may as well get my money," Jim agreed.

Bang a Gong by waketosleep [Kirk/Spock]
The chronicles of the Sad Bastards Club (Enterprise Chapter).

"What?" Jim let a note of exasperation creep into his voice.

"You have just asked me to marry you."

"I'm glad we're on the same page."

"I cannot marry you."

"Why not? You got someone else in mind?" Jim's palms were starting to sweat.

"Vulcans do not divorce."

"All right, no pre-nup then." Jim crossed his arms, hoping to hide the shaking in his hands.

Of Twin Stars and Other Eccentric Satellites by winterhill [Kirk/Spock]
A year into the mission, Spock and Jim have got on with things and are well on their way to that great destined friendship -- or maybe more. There’s spanner in the works, though, when a group of colonists exploring an unknown part of New Vulcan go missing, and the Enterprise crew is called in to help. The problem? The Vulcan High Council has insisted they take a guide — Spock’s wife, T’Pring.

“No,” said Jim, and Spock extended a hand between them, two fingers out in an unmistakable Vulcan gesture. One that, come to think of it, he hadn’t seen Spock use with T’Pring. Jim wondered if he should say anything, because Spock usually just raised an eyebrow at all of Jim’s usual pick-up lines and double entendre, and he decided it would be less potentially traumatic to go with the flow. He pressed his fingers to Spock’s, there in the dark. T’Pring was asleep, wasn’t she? Did this count as cheating? Shit.

It was too cold to hold the kiss for long, and eventually they had to withdraw back into the pockets of warmth afforded by their personal heatpacks; Jim tucked his freezing hand under one arm, still able to feel the press of Spock’s flesh against his fingers, the warm hum of reassurance that Spock’s gentle touch brought to him.

Transformers Prime: Enemy / Recoil / Memory
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Enemy by Fierceawakening [TFP, Megatron/Optimus Prime]
Optimus Prime was once Orion Pax, disciple of Megatron's revolution. Now, captured by his lover turned enemy, he must face the truth about his former idol.

He'd never quite come to like it, at least not in the way he gathered the others would have. But those things were part of what it meant to be touched by Megatron, to be respected and wanted and prized. The few times Megatron hadn't hurt him at all, it meant that he'd been distracted, uninterested, bored. Orion had missed them, if only because of that.

And strangely, now, as he bucked and roared, his spark pulsing hot against its housing in dismay and rage, all he could think was that this unbearable agony, this stripping away of the mark of his defiance, meant that Megatron was focused only on him, wholly and completely.

Recoil by Fierceawakening [TFP, Megatron/Optimus Prime]
The Star Saber is broken, and Optimus and the Autobots face a bleak, uncertain future. But when Megatron and Optimus meet in battle, Megatron spares him. He offers Optimus a recording that reveals exactly what happened during the time he spent among the Decepticons, his memories of Megatron's evil erased. But is Megatron simply tempting him with memories of something that could never be, or does his "gift" serve some deeper purpose?

"Orion Pax," rumbled a voice, rich and amused.

Optimus froze. How long had it been since any mech had called him that name?

And how long had it been since he'd heard tenderness in that voice?

"Lord Megatron," he heard his own voice say.

Memory by Fierceawakening [TFP, Megatron/Optimus Prime]
Yet more fix-it fic for Season 2. With Orion Pax on their side, the Decepticons have won the war. Megatron exults in his victory - and in his new consort. But Orion is plagued with doubt, and his recharge is filled with nightmares.

Megatron's purr of pleasure became a growl. "Are you saying you would leave your place here, Orion Pax?"

The azure optics flickered. Megatron's spark froze, knowing that the mech beneath him truly was thinking the question over. Energy surged through his weapons systems again. I will not lose you again, old friend, he vowed, his scarred lip plates drawn back in a snarl, his fangs a gleaming circle of blades. If you leave, I will destroy you.

"No," Orion answered finally, his optics neither bright with berserker rage nor with desire. Instead they glowed a dimmer, steady blue, the blue of a mech who had faced his pain and made his peace with it. "You are all I have left, old friend."

Fake News RPF: Interrupted Rhythm / Christmas Party / Twentysomethings
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Interrupted Rhythm by shoebox_addict [Jon/Stephen]
Jon has a long-standing relationship with Denis until life changes and decides to throw him a guy named Stephen Colbert.

I'd never before imagined that I might be in an abusive relationship, I'd never been scared enough to put that label on it. But there, as I sat with Stephen in my newly empty apartment, two pieces of my brain connected and told me what I'd been too stupid to pay attention to before. People had been trying to get through to me for years. When I took Denis home at Hanukkah one year, my mom had been asking way too many questions and I couldn't figure out why. Maybe she'd heard that argument through the bedroom walls. Whenever my co-workers had met Denis, at whatever job I happened to have at that time, they were surprised that we were together. No one at work had ever tried to get through to me as much as Stephen had, though. When he told me about Craig, that should have been the straw to break the camel's back. But I'd been too fixated on mending things with Denis. Not until we'd come undone completely did I see that we had been in tatters already.
I grinned at him. "I think a second time can be arranged, yeah." Stephen's eyes crinkled and it was like we'd been doing this for years. Somewhere between the living room and the mattress, we had built a history and learned each other so perfectly that his smile could match mine like that.
The differences were entirely in the small things, the things I noticed the most, and not in the big picture -- the big picture where I was sleeping better, worrying less, spending more of my time being grateful and feeling happy. This was a strange, new world, but I didn't want to leave any time soon.

Christmas Party by ailette [Jon/Stephen]
Stephen can't attend the Christmas Party this year and Jon is moping.

“You recorded The Lord of The Rings for me?”

Jon could feel his ears heat up at the open joy in Stephen’s voice and unconsciously started shuffling his feet. “I just thought that you would… Well, what with you being so nervous whenever we get on a plane. You always say my voice calms you down, but since I couldn’t come with you this time and you refuse to use your cell while in the air…” he trailed off, now feeling a little embarrassed as he waited for Stephen to say something.

Twentysomethings by taurenova [Jon/Stephen]
Boy meets boy. Boy likes boy. Does other boy like boy? Romantic comedy ensues.

“’Night, Jon,” Stephen said sleepily, squeezing their joined hands.

“Goodnight, Stephen,” Jon said, brushing his lips against Stephen’s neck. I think I love you, he thought, letting out a low breath. Please don’t break my heart.
“Does it – is it a problem for you, that I’m not a – a woman?” Jon asked, looking at the tree himself. “That we can’t have –”

“Jon,” Stephen said, taking one of Jon’s hands in his. “Don’t be a fucking idiot.”

Jon looked at Stephen sharply and found Stephen glaring at him.

“You’re the person I want,” Stephen continued. “You. Not you-if-you-were-a-woman. And I’m not – you’re not like some kind of substitute for what I ‘really want’. I want you, I love you. That’s all there is. Sure – it means things maybe won’t work out quite the way I thought they were going to – but plans are made to be disrupted, Jon. Life is about being surprised.”

DC: Look After You / Reunion / Blue on Blue
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Look After You by klose [Bruce/Dick]
"Right. Being felt up by Bruce Wayne can be taken off the to-do list, then."
(In which Bruce is back from not-death, Dick is recovering from a bullet to the head, and cuddle-time is had.)

And, okay, great, they're just in time for the starting theme of the Sherlock Holmes episode, grey colour palette and noir-style scenery and all. The muted sound of rain dripping over the Wayne estate adds an appropriate sense of atmosphere to the opening sequence, and it's hard not to feel nostalgic for the early days. They'd spent nights after patrol watching the graveyard re-runs of the old, terribly dated show; Robin tucked up close to Batman, a huge bowl of popcorn between them. This was back when Bruce hadn't been so caught up in the role of Gotham's cape-and-cowled vigilante; back when things had been easy between them.

Those were good times.

The best, even.

Reunion by klose, Silencing [Bruce/Dick]
Newly relocated to Bludhaven, Dick’s been feeling homesick - but for a person, not a place. A routine patrol for his daytime profession as Officer Grayson just might allow him to cross paths with the very man he’s been missing.

“Alfred?” Dick couldn’t quite fight off a grin, reading the subtext as clearly as if Bruce had said it aloud. “You came all the way out here to tell me that Alfred misses me? I’ll tell you what he misses - having someone around to appreciate his cooking.”

Of course, he couldn’t come right out and say he’d missed Bruce, too. The last time he’d tried that it’d ended in disaster, and he hadn’t been back to the Cave since. He hated dancing around the issue, feeling like he was trying to reel in a fish with dental floss - too much or too little and Bruce would escape him again.

Blue on Blue by NorthernStar [Dick gen; Dick/Clancy, Dick/Barbara]
A new form of Crystal Meth has hit the streets of Bludhaven. Dick Grayson vows to bring down the makers before it can spread to other cities. But his undercover operation is about to go horribly wrong... A Gen Case-fic.

The man’s anger lashed over him, but like the willow tree at the manor, he went with the flow, unaffected by its harshness.

He looked beyond Andrews – eyes drawn to movement – to a shadow on the rooftop in the distance.

He stared at the inky figure and felt some of the tension inside him bleed away. He knew that shape and form better than any other. He’d watched it grow, fill out and mature.

The shadow stared back.

Marvel: Backstage / Share Something Exciting / "Spidey on Ice"
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Backstage by Cosmic_Biscuit [Hank/Jan]
The Skrulls won, but the former Wasp, hidden away in a tower, can't accept the new status quo. Especially not when it comes wearing a familiar face.

Long after he'd closed his eyes, however, she still lay awake, thinking. 'The real one,' she reminded herself for the umpteenth time, catching herself just as she was about to poke him to check...she didn't know what. He stirred in his sleep and, before she could pull her hand back, his nudged against it before taking hold. Finding she felt somewhat better, she relaxed and laced her fingers through his.

Share Something Exciting by Perpetual Motion [Hank/Jan]
Hank, Janet, and falling in love.

"You take such good care of me, Henry."

He thinks of the house her father owns. It's twenty-seven rooms and nearly overflowing with opulence. He thinks of the men she works with on a regular basis--Captain America, Iron Man, Bruce Banner, Spider-Man, and Wolverine--and he wonders if she's just being nice. He doesn't usually have a confidence problem, but he usually doesn't have Janet Van Dyne paying him compliments.

"Spidey On Ice" by AloryShannon [Gen]
Peter Parker is at a skating rink for his class field trip...and the Avengers are chaperoning. Looks like it's gonna be One Of Those Days...