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Merlin: The One Where Merlin and Arthur Attempt to Have ... / Needlework / Truth is a Whisper
morethansky wrote in amphhh
The One Where Merlin and Arthur Attempt to Have a Tasteful Wedding by fuzzytomato
Merlin and Arthur decide to get married. That was the easy part. Planning their wedding on the other hand... A fic about the trials and tribulations of wedding planning. Based on the KMM prompt of organizing their own wedding. It's harder than they thought (good advice from friends, things that go wrong, nervousness/frustrations, etc.). In other words, approx 21k of cracky wedding shenanigans.

“Right,” Arthur said sternly. “Fix it. Whatever it is, fix it.”

“Now, Arthur, be reasonable, it was just the cake,” Hunith said. “As a group we decided that the almond icing…”

“I’m allergic to almonds,” Arthur said automatically.

“Yes! We know! And this way Merlin won’t shove the cake in your face,” Gwen added.

“If Merlin wants to shove cake in my face then you very well let him!” Arthur snapped.

Needlework by zarathuse

Arthur might not have been a particularly nice person, but he was, essentially, good. If Merlin ever went so far astray that there was no other way to bring him back, Arthur would do the right thing.

His father looked at him, then, and for the first time he appeared as terrifying in the light as he did in darkness. His eyes burned and his skin gleamed pale like the moon.

“And you trust him that much?”

“Absolutely,” Merlin said, and what he really meant was, ‘I trust him to stop me.’

Truth is a Whisper by seperis [Merlin/Arthur]
Words can also be mightier than the sword.

Shifting to lean against Arthur's knee, Merlin struggles to catch his breath, still half-hard and aching a little. Looking at Arthur's face, shocked and wondering and destroyed all at once, it hits Merlin all anew; he's never done this before. No one's ever done this for him before. There's never been anyone else that's ever touched him like this.

He's hard again so fast he can barely see. Pulling back, he shoves Arthur's knees, down, crawling into his lap, kissing him frantically and thinking of all the things he wants to do to Arthur, with Arthur. Very distantly, a bucket drops and there's a voice making a terrified apology, but Arthur is sucking on his tongue and Merlin thinks he'll kill anyone who tries to come near them.