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Transformers Animated: Belonging / Wolf by the Ears
morethansky wrote in amphhh
Belonging by lyricality [TFA, Megatron/Optimus Prime]
Spoilers for A Bridge Too Close, follows an alternate ending into a new continuity.

He knew his form was good enough, but he didn't expect the strange ripple of highly physical appreciation that started in his spark and spread outward through his systems. The emotion was so intimate that Optimus took a graceless moment to realize that it originated with Megatron. Optimus trembled with brief but lingering wonder at the slow ignition of desire, the unspeakable interest in all the nuances of his frame as he moved in all the ways he had ever been taught.

Wolf by the Ears by thornwitch1 [TFA, Megatron/Optimus Prime]
Prompt: At the end of the series, Optimus pretty handily kicked Megatron's ass. Megatron is a very old Decepticon, so let's say he had slave programming. Optimus Prime-maybe-Magnus is now Megatron's owner.

Optimus could feel the other mech’s distress, his anger and sadness and rage, and reflexively reached out in an attempt to soothe and comfort. It was as much a part of his nature as his urge to protect and build, and he saw no reason to resist. He could feel the bond settle into place, and knew on a deep, nearly instinctive level that the Decepticon belonged to him now.

He nearly wept.