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Fake News RPF: Inside Jon's Office / Back from a Break / That Last Summer High
morethansky wrote in amphhh
Quick Fics #3: Inside Jon's Office by shoebox_addict [Jon/Stephen]
Here are three drabbles that include Springsteen & foreshadowing, a WristStrong bracelet, and that interview with Colin Firth.

"Shut up," he said, chuckling. "Just, please, shut up and let me show you how beautiful I think your body is."

Stephen's compliments always caught me off guard. I still didn't know why I wouldn't believe those things from anyone but him. When he said something like that to me, it felt like my heart was bursting. I was truly happy even if I couldn't believe those things myself.

Back from a Break by shoebox_addict [Jon/Stephen]
This is a quick little ficlet I wrote this past week because I was excited that the shows were back! Turns out that the boys get really excited when they come back from a break as well. ;)

Jon was caught between wanting to rush toward Stephen at breakneck speed and wanting to take his time in getting to him. He settled for walking quickly across the room to where Stephen stood near his couch. He was about to lean in and plant one on Stephen - at last - when Stephen stopped him with a hand on his chest.

"Hmm?" said Jon, glancing up at Stephen.

"Just...let me...it's been a long time," said Stephen, smiling sweetly at him. Stephen took Jon's face in his hands and brushed his cheeks softly with his thumbs. Jon felt a wonderful lightness in his heart as Stephen gazed into his eyes. "I love you."

That Last Summer High by jennova [Jon/Stephen]
AU. The summer before college and Stephen Colbert is about to change Jon’s life.

“So – how’s lover boy?” Janeane asks. Jon should’ve known better than to tempt fate. Janeane’s eyes sparkle and Jon sighs.

“He’s not my – he’s fine, okay?” Jon gives up. “I haven’t actually seen him today.”

“And he’s been a cranky little fucker because of it,” Denis says, grinning. “You should see him on the days where the guy comes in late.”