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DC: The Right Deductions / Off-balance / 10:52
morethansky wrote in amphhh
The Right Deductions by thehoyden [Bruce/Dick]
"Do you even know what you're saying, or are you just repeating what your accountants tell you?"

"...How much did you spend on books last semester?"

Dick stared at the wall blankly. "Uh."

"Never mind, I'll look through my bank statements from last September," Bruce said.

"You were going to do that anyway, weren't you?" Dick asked, and the moment of silence on the other end was confirmation enough. Trust Bruce to work up some totally lame excuse just to call. "So, anything new and exciting at Wayne Enterprises?"

Bruce's tone lightened as he said, "Oh, I saw this proposal today -- the technology isn't all in place, but wait until you see it--"

And before Dick knew it, a half hour had passed, and Bruce said regretfully, "I think I have to go do work now. My secretary keeps poking her head in the door."

Off-balance by klose [Bruce/Dick]
Brucie Wayne, playboy billionaire, is good with words. Batman doesn’t have need of them. And Bruce — can’t make sense of them most of the time, and certainly never when Dick is involved.

It’s not like he hasn’t been violent towards his younger partner before, even if Bruce would prefer to forget those occasions entirely. Those fits of insanity that he always regrets afterward, that he never knows quite how to apologise for, because that would mean acknowledging the darker parts of him that very, very few people have ever been privy to.

(Dick, Clark, Alfred. Perhaps it is not coincidental that they, out of everyone else, have had to put up with Bruce at his very worst. Certainly, they are the only ones who have stuck with him despite that.)

The fear frightens him more than most things — more than the prospect of not being able to help people as Batman any more, more than the thought of Gotham plummeting irreversibly into darkness, and as much as the potential loss of any of his family.

There’s nothing —


10:52 by kleine_aster [Bruce/Dick]
Bruce Wayne pays Agent Grayson a visit. Fake beards are worn. Things are left unsaid.

And then, after they’ve both emerged and Dick is shuffling around in a towel to pick his hair and beard off the floor, Bruce says it, he says, “I’m sorry.”

Dick freezes in the middle of fishing for his sunglasses. He feels annoyance punch him in the gut immediately. Before he can help it, the anger is there, the anger and the disappointment and the loss, the weird, misshapen something of whatever this is they’re doing.

Bruce sounds sincere. There’s a crack in his voice, and somehow, that makes it worse. Dick is minutes away from his brunch date with his very perceptive spy partner, and he’s got to have that wide afterglow smile ready for her, and now Bruce has to do this.

"Why," he mumbles, before he can contain it, "Why d’you … why you gotta say that now."