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Transformers Prime: Enemy / Recoil / Memory
morethansky wrote in amphhh
Enemy by Fierceawakening [TFP, Megatron/Optimus Prime]
Optimus Prime was once Orion Pax, disciple of Megatron's revolution. Now, captured by his lover turned enemy, he must face the truth about his former idol.

He'd never quite come to like it, at least not in the way he gathered the others would have. But those things were part of what it meant to be touched by Megatron, to be respected and wanted and prized. The few times Megatron hadn't hurt him at all, it meant that he'd been distracted, uninterested, bored. Orion had missed them, if only because of that.

And strangely, now, as he bucked and roared, his spark pulsing hot against its housing in dismay and rage, all he could think was that this unbearable agony, this stripping away of the mark of his defiance, meant that Megatron was focused only on him, wholly and completely.

Recoil by Fierceawakening [TFP, Megatron/Optimus Prime]
The Star Saber is broken, and Optimus and the Autobots face a bleak, uncertain future. But when Megatron and Optimus meet in battle, Megatron spares him. He offers Optimus a recording that reveals exactly what happened during the time he spent among the Decepticons, his memories of Megatron's evil erased. But is Megatron simply tempting him with memories of something that could never be, or does his "gift" serve some deeper purpose?

"Orion Pax," rumbled a voice, rich and amused.

Optimus froze. How long had it been since any mech had called him that name?

And how long had it been since he'd heard tenderness in that voice?

"Lord Megatron," he heard his own voice say.

Memory by Fierceawakening [TFP, Megatron/Optimus Prime]
Yet more fix-it fic for Season 2. With Orion Pax on their side, the Decepticons have won the war. Megatron exults in his victory - and in his new consort. But Orion is plagued with doubt, and his recharge is filled with nightmares.

Megatron's purr of pleasure became a growl. "Are you saying you would leave your place here, Orion Pax?"

The azure optics flickered. Megatron's spark froze, knowing that the mech beneath him truly was thinking the question over. Energy surged through his weapons systems again. I will not lose you again, old friend, he vowed, his scarred lip plates drawn back in a snarl, his fangs a gleaming circle of blades. If you leave, I will destroy you.

"No," Orion answered finally, his optics neither bright with berserker rage nor with desire. Instead they glowed a dimmer, steady blue, the blue of a mech who had faced his pain and made his peace with it. "You are all I have left, old friend."