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Fake News RPF: Interrupted Rhythm / Christmas Party / Twentysomethings
morethansky wrote in amphhh
Interrupted Rhythm by shoebox_addict [Jon/Stephen]
Jon has a long-standing relationship with Denis until life changes and decides to throw him a guy named Stephen Colbert.

I'd never before imagined that I might be in an abusive relationship, I'd never been scared enough to put that label on it. But there, as I sat with Stephen in my newly empty apartment, two pieces of my brain connected and told me what I'd been too stupid to pay attention to before. People had been trying to get through to me for years. When I took Denis home at Hanukkah one year, my mom had been asking way too many questions and I couldn't figure out why. Maybe she'd heard that argument through the bedroom walls. Whenever my co-workers had met Denis, at whatever job I happened to have at that time, they were surprised that we were together. No one at work had ever tried to get through to me as much as Stephen had, though. When he told me about Craig, that should have been the straw to break the camel's back. But I'd been too fixated on mending things with Denis. Not until we'd come undone completely did I see that we had been in tatters already.
I grinned at him. "I think a second time can be arranged, yeah." Stephen's eyes crinkled and it was like we'd been doing this for years. Somewhere between the living room and the mattress, we had built a history and learned each other so perfectly that his smile could match mine like that.
The differences were entirely in the small things, the things I noticed the most, and not in the big picture -- the big picture where I was sleeping better, worrying less, spending more of my time being grateful and feeling happy. This was a strange, new world, but I didn't want to leave any time soon.

Christmas Party by ailette [Jon/Stephen]
Stephen can't attend the Christmas Party this year and Jon is moping.

“You recorded The Lord of The Rings for me?”

Jon could feel his ears heat up at the open joy in Stephen’s voice and unconsciously started shuffling his feet. “I just thought that you would… Well, what with you being so nervous whenever we get on a plane. You always say my voice calms you down, but since I couldn’t come with you this time and you refuse to use your cell while in the air…” he trailed off, now feeling a little embarrassed as he waited for Stephen to say something.

Twentysomethings by taurenova [Jon/Stephen]
Boy meets boy. Boy likes boy. Does other boy like boy? Romantic comedy ensues.

“’Night, Jon,” Stephen said sleepily, squeezing their joined hands.

“Goodnight, Stephen,” Jon said, brushing his lips against Stephen’s neck. I think I love you, he thought, letting out a low breath. Please don’t break my heart.
“Does it – is it a problem for you, that I’m not a – a woman?” Jon asked, looking at the tree himself. “That we can’t have –”

“Jon,” Stephen said, taking one of Jon’s hands in his. “Don’t be a fucking idiot.”

Jon looked at Stephen sharply and found Stephen glaring at him.

“You’re the person I want,” Stephen continued. “You. Not you-if-you-were-a-woman. And I’m not – you’re not like some kind of substitute for what I ‘really want’. I want you, I love you. That’s all there is. Sure – it means things maybe won’t work out quite the way I thought they were going to – but plans are made to be disrupted, Jon. Life is about being surprised.”