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DC: Look After You / Reunion / Blue on Blue
morethansky wrote in amphhh
Look After You by klose [Bruce/Dick]
"Right. Being felt up by Bruce Wayne can be taken off the to-do list, then."
(In which Bruce is back from not-death, Dick is recovering from a bullet to the head, and cuddle-time is had.)

And, okay, great, they're just in time for the starting theme of the Sherlock Holmes episode, grey colour palette and noir-style scenery and all. The muted sound of rain dripping over the Wayne estate adds an appropriate sense of atmosphere to the opening sequence, and it's hard not to feel nostalgic for the early days. They'd spent nights after patrol watching the graveyard re-runs of the old, terribly dated show; Robin tucked up close to Batman, a huge bowl of popcorn between them. This was back when Bruce hadn't been so caught up in the role of Gotham's cape-and-cowled vigilante; back when things had been easy between them.

Those were good times.

The best, even.

Reunion by klose, Silencing [Bruce/Dick]
Newly relocated to Bludhaven, Dick’s been feeling homesick - but for a person, not a place. A routine patrol for his daytime profession as Officer Grayson just might allow him to cross paths with the very man he’s been missing.

“Alfred?” Dick couldn’t quite fight off a grin, reading the subtext as clearly as if Bruce had said it aloud. “You came all the way out here to tell me that Alfred misses me? I’ll tell you what he misses - having someone around to appreciate his cooking.”

Of course, he couldn’t come right out and say he’d missed Bruce, too. The last time he’d tried that it’d ended in disaster, and he hadn’t been back to the Cave since. He hated dancing around the issue, feeling like he was trying to reel in a fish with dental floss - too much or too little and Bruce would escape him again.

Blue on Blue by NorthernStar [Dick gen; Dick/Clancy, Dick/Barbara]
A new form of Crystal Meth has hit the streets of Bludhaven. Dick Grayson vows to bring down the makers before it can spread to other cities. But his undercover operation is about to go horribly wrong... A Gen Case-fic.

The man’s anger lashed over him, but like the willow tree at the manor, he went with the flow, unaffected by its harshness.

He looked beyond Andrews – eyes drawn to movement – to a shadow on the rooftop in the distance.

He stared at the inky figure and felt some of the tension inside him bleed away. He knew that shape and form better than any other. He’d watched it grow, fill out and mature.

The shadow stared back.