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Marvel: Backstage / Share Something Exciting / "Spidey on Ice"
morethansky wrote in amphhh
Backstage by Cosmic_Biscuit [Hank/Jan]
The Skrulls won, but the former Wasp, hidden away in a tower, can't accept the new status quo. Especially not when it comes wearing a familiar face.

Long after he'd closed his eyes, however, she still lay awake, thinking. 'The real one,' she reminded herself for the umpteenth time, catching herself just as she was about to poke him to check...she didn't know what. He stirred in his sleep and, before she could pull her hand back, his nudged against it before taking hold. Finding she felt somewhat better, she relaxed and laced her fingers through his.

Share Something Exciting by Perpetual Motion [Hank/Jan]
Hank, Janet, and falling in love.

"You take such good care of me, Henry."

He thinks of the house her father owns. It's twenty-seven rooms and nearly overflowing with opulence. He thinks of the men she works with on a regular basis--Captain America, Iron Man, Bruce Banner, Spider-Man, and Wolverine--and he wonders if she's just being nice. He doesn't usually have a confidence problem, but he usually doesn't have Janet Van Dyne paying him compliments.

"Spidey On Ice" by AloryShannon [Gen]
Peter Parker is at a skating rink for his class field trip...and the Avengers are chaperoning. Looks like it's gonna be One Of Those Days...