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Fake News RPF: All Paths Lead to Rome / When We Were Young / You're Going to See It's Our Destiny
morethansky wrote in amphhh
All Paths Lead to Rome by taurenova [Jon/Stephen]
What If? Jon and Stephen had both ended up at Late Night? (Wifeless)

“Also – I’d just – I’d like to,” Jon look over his shoulder and jerked his head at Stephen, asking him to move forward. “I’d like to thank this guy here, who’s been my partner in so many ways for so long, now. He’s my head writer and our Chief Correspondent and, well,” Jon ducked his head and Stephen could see a flush rising up his cheeks, “the love of my life. We - I - wouldn’t be here without him.

When We Were Young by taurenova [Jon/Stephen]
23. The person was famous and I wanted to be able to say I had sex with him/her.

“I can’t say that isn’t a blow to my pride,” Jon said honestly, touching a hand to his heart. Stephen shook his head.

“No – I mean, that’s what they said,” Stephen said, grabbing Jon’s hand and kissing his fingers. “But I did it because I wanted you. All the way through that gig – all I could think of was doing this.”

“That’s, wow,” Jon felt as if he could shrink in on himself. “I don’t actually hear that very often?”

“Well,” Stephen said, leaning in to press his forehead against Jon’s. “You should.”

You're Going To See It's Our Destiny by taurenova [Jon/Stephen]
Being a concise guide to an unfolding relationship.

“This is me, Stephen,” Jon said, looking down to meet Stephen’s eyes at last. “Telling the guy I like, how I feel.”

Stephen swallowed dryly, now worried that his heart had stopped altogether, and held Jon’s eyes. Jon had never been particularly good at hiding things from Stephen – but that was when Stephen realised Jon had been hiding something for months, and he didn’t realise it until the barrier in Jon’s eyes was gone.

“I –” Stephen stopped, drew a deep breath, tried again. “You. It’s you, Jon. The reason I’m not dating. It’s always been you. I –”