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Sherlock: Certainty / The Sky for the Reaching / Given in Evidence
morethansky wrote in amphhh
Certainty by joolabee [Sherlock/John]
You can't kill an idea, can you? Not once it's made a home. There.

The Sky for the Reaching by lavvyan [Sherlock/John]
In which John isn't quite living in a war zone, Sherlock experiments, and Bill Murray (not the actor) wants to get laid. Features also: pins, sponges, the question of whether or not Sherlock Holmes likes to cuddle, nightmares, a case, and seventeen steps.

Given In Evidence by verityburns [Sherlock/John]
Coming back from the dead can be a complicated business. With a new case on the horizon, rebuilding a life is one thing... rebuilding a friendship quite another. For Sherlock and John, things may never be just the same...

John turned away, closing his eyes against the vision of blonde matted with dark red. He wanted… he wanted… he wanted comfort from a man who would never take it in return.

A hand brushed his shoulder and he shrugged it off, stumbling away into the relative darkness. God, he had to keep it together, at least until he was alone. As he probably always would be, because there could only be Sherlock for him now. All lines crossed. All bridges burning. Anyone else would be an echo after this.